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The History of the Toyota Customer Service

Toyota promotes “3S Philosophy” (Accuracy + Caring = Trust), which was developed from the Customer First principle in Japan in the 1970s. From this, the philosophy of Toyota customer service was formulated among all dealers and overseas distributors, working together in unison to continue providing “always better cars” and “always better service.”

Installing the Toyota Customer Service Philosophy

We are committed to providing the highest quality and the high standards using a skilled and dedicated workforce with the Toyota Customer Service Philosophy.

To help people learn and understand Toyota customer service we provide comprehensive training from Japan, regional training center in Africa and tach distributor by using not only physical way but also digital technology. Experience and knowledge are shared across generations, strengthening the commitment to quality of service . The success of our training is reflected in many awards gained at national and international levels.


Tajimi Service Center in Japan

Toyota Kenya Academy

Regional training center in Cameroon

Toyota National Skills Contest

National Skills Contests are competitions for Toyota Customer Service Personnel held each year around the world. They provide motivation for customer service staff to improve their skills, and aim to achieve greater customer satisfaction and the enhancement of Toyota's reputation.

Trust of Toyota Genuine Service Parts

In connect with providing our high quality service through Toyota “3S Philosophy” (Accuracy + Caring = Trust), we, in any time, use Toyota Genuine Service Parts for our repair service of your vehicles to sustain “Best Car Life”. And, we have a responsibility to protect our customers from “Counterfeit Parts”. These videos show the risk of “Counterfeit Parts” and the superiority of “Genuine Service Parts” in the technical points of view. These are our trust and commitment for our high quality service by Toyota Genuine Service Parts.