2020.11.02 News

Toyota Tsusho Acquires License for Vehicle Assembly Business in Ghana - A first for a Japanese company -

Toyota Tsusho Corporation (“Toyota Tsusho”) announces today that it established TOYOTA TSUSHO MANUFACTURING GHANA CO. LIMITED (“TTMG”), a vehicle production company, and acquired a license for a vehicle assembly business, a first for a Japanese company in Ghana.

The planned production capacity of the new plant is 1,300 units annually, and the plant is slated to conduct SKD* production of the Toyota Hilux pickup truck. The new plant will be constructed in Tema (30 km from the capital city of Accra) at an investment cost of approximately 7 million US dollars, and there are plans to hire approximately 50 new employees. Preparations are underway to commence operations in mid-2021.

Toyota Tsusho assumed all business and operations in Africa from Toyota Motor Corporation in January 2019 and has been reinforcing initiatives in Africa. With the establishment of TTMG, Toyota Tsusho Group will have vehicle production sites in five African countries following Kenya, Egypt, Nigeria, and Rwanda. In addition to engaging in the automobile sales business, Toyota Tsusho will perform local production tailored to market needs, contributing to the development of the automobile industry in Africa.

This project is being implemented pursuant to the Memorandum of Understanding regarding a partnership for the development of the automotive industry executed by Toyota Tsusho and the government of Ghana at the Seventh Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD7), which was held in Yokohama in August 2019.

■  Overview of TTMG


Location: Tema, Republic of Ghana

Capital: USD 3 million

Shareholder: Toyota Tsusho 100%

Representative: President Akira Yamada

Incorporation: June 2020

Business Description: Automobile assembly and production

Business License: Acquired October 2020

Production Vehicles: Toyota Hilux

Production Volume: 1,300 units/year

Start of Production: Mid-2021 (planned)

* Semi knock-down. A simple method of vehicle assembly that requires only the tightening of bolts and the like, unlike complete knock-down (CKD) production.

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2020.09.01 News

A Star is Born - Toyota Starlet

Toyota will start the sales of the Starlet, a new compact hatchback model, launching from September and progressively being introduced into 47 countries in Africa. The Positioning The small passenger car segment is growing steadily throughout the African Market, increasing individual customer demand. The Starlet will be an entry model in Toyota’s lineup, with good performance and affordable pricing.

The Starlet offers a modern exterior design, spacious interior and enhanced specifications. Modern Exterior The exterior design follows a classic hatchback profile, with a short, downward-sloping nose and rounded-off rear hatch. A v-shaped front grille with centrally-mounted Toyota insignia are joined by two vertically arranged headlamps with chrome inlay. The side profile features contour-following upper and lower crease lines which creates a sense of motion. Prominent wheel arches give the Starlet a sure-footed stance. The rear design centres around the large LED tail lamps featuring a red and clear colour scheme. These are joined by a trapezoidal indent in the lower bumper section. The overall result is a compact and striking design.

Interior Design

The interior layout prioritizes spaciousness and ergonomics without compromising on flair. The centre hang-down section neatly groups the ventilation, infotainment and climate control switchgear. Contour lines create a feeling of unison with the exterior design. A chunky three-spoke steering wheel incorporates steering switches.

Engine & Performance

Powering the Starlet is a 1.4-litre DOHC four-cylinder engine. The engine exhibits responsive and reactive characteristics that make light work of the daily commute. Power outputs are 68kW @ 6000 rpm and 130Nm @ 4200 rpm. Two transmission choices are on offer, a 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic, all driving the front wheels. Safety & Security All Starlet models come well equipped with safety and security equipment which include active electronic aids such as ABS, EBD, and Brake Assist (BA). For details of grade, specification, and price, please kindly contact the distributor in your country.


Main specifications

Length (mm) : 3,995

Width (mm) : 1,745

Height (mm) : 1,470

Seating Capacity : 5 Engine : K14B(1.4 liter)

Displacement (cc) : 1,373

Maximum output (kW / rpm) : 68 / 6,000

Maximum torque (Nm / rpm) : 130 / 4,200

Transmission : 4-speed Automatic Transmission, 5-speed Manual Transmission

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2020.08.21 News

Welcome to Toyota Africa Website!

Toyota Africa website is newly launched, aiming to bring Toyota corporate and brand messages to our precious customers in Africa. Under the categories of “news”, “mobility”, “Toyota in Africa” and “Start your impossible”, we are presenting contents with inspiring images and movies. You can visit your country’s Toyota website, from “Country”. We hope you enjoy your journey in the Toyota Africa website!

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2020.06.27 Read

"One and Only" - A True Tale of Toyota's Unwavering Principles

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2020.06.04 News

Toyota Tsusho Prevents the Spread of COVID-19 in Africa - Providing medical supplies, and maintenance parts for the Toyota vehicles that support people's lives

Toyota Tsusho Corporation (Toyota Tsusho) and its group company CFAO SAS (CFAO) announced a number of initiatives aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19 in Africa. The two companies will provide maintenance parts for Toyota vehicles, face shields, disinfectant, and food products to United Nations (UN) agencies operating in Africa, as well as governmental and public institutions across the continent. These initiatives form part of the Kokoro Hakobu Project*, through which the entire Toyota Group works together to provide support to health care professionals and national and local government employees working hard day and night to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

COVID-19 is slowly coming under control in Europe and the U.S. However, infections are going forward in Africa, there are fears that the disease will lead to profound economic stagnation, a deterioration in medical environments, and worsening food shortages. Toyota Tsusho Group is expanding its business in Africa with the long-term vision of cultivating deep local roots and growing together with local communities based on its philosophy of "WITH AFRICA FOR AFRICA". In line with this philosophy, the Group is providing the assistance outlined below in order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Toyota Tsusho and CFAO, with the support of Toyota Motor Corporation, will provide maintenance parts free of charge for Toyota Land Cruisers owned by UN agencies in Africa, and will also provide face shields manufactured by the Toyota Group. In addition, in collaboration with Toyota dealerships across Africa, the companies have started providing free vehicle leasing services and maintenance parts to national and local African governments, and other organizations; in Côte d’Ivoire and the Republic of Congo, the companies are utilizing the multipurpose factory and the beer factory they possess to produce and supply alcohol disinfectant. Going forward, the Toyota Tsusho Group will continue to use its global networks and resources to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The Kokoro Hakobu Project (with "Kokoro Hakobu" meaning "to carry or deliver one's heart" in Japanese) has been the collective name of nationwide initiatives by Toyota, Toyota sales outlets in Japan, and their employees to provide continuous and long-term support to disaster-affected areas in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake. The name has the connotation of "carrying you in our hearts." Based on Toyota's desire to contribute in some way to people who have contracted and are suffering from COVID-19, as well as to the medical professionals, Japan's central government, and local governments in Japan fighting the disease night and day, Toyota has decided to apply "The Kokoro Hakobu Project" as its overall moniker for related support activities conducted by Toyota Group companies working together.

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