Toyota Launches New Land Cruiser (3/3)


Overview of GR Sport model

1. Refined and developed at the Dakar Rally, the world's toughest race

<Improvements requested by participating drivers fed back directly into vehicle development>

The Land Cruiser first participated in the Dakar Rally―known as the world's toughest race―in 1995, and has continued to take part in the production car category in the more than 25 years since then.

For the new 300 Series Land Cruiser―and for the GR Sport model in particular―feedback from drivers participating in the rally was used for vehicle development; the goal was to implement improvements and create a vehicle that was secure, easy to drive, yet difficult to tire in even the harshest driving conditions, and thereby make "ever-better cars" through motorsports.

From the 2023 edition onward, Team Land Cruiser TOYOTA AUTO BODY is planning to participate in the Dakar Rally with an entry based on the 300 Series GR Sport.

By participating in the rally, the development team hopes to further evolve and improve the superb potential of the vehicle, and reflect these improvements in future production cars.

<Examples of improvements requested by drivers participating in the Dakar Rally>

GR Sport-exclusive features 

(1) Suspension

<The world's first*6 Electronic-Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (E-KDSS) electronically controlled stabilization adjustments>

E-KDSS is a suspension control system that contributes to both increased driving stability in urban environments and superior off-road performance. It automatically and electronically controls each front and rear stabilizer independently, reacting to road conditions and the individual conditions of each of the four wheels to provide more precise stabilization adjustments.

Alongside the implementation of E-KDSS, the new Land Cruiser features optimized spring constants and AVS for outstanding steering stability. It is also equipped with a significantly lengthened suspension stroke and the longest wheel articulation of any generation in the series.

*6: As of August 2021, according to research by Toyota Motor Corp.

<Electronic differential lock (front)>

The GR Sport is equipped with both front and rear electronic differential locks, contributing to improved performance in a variety of off-road environments. 

(2) Exterior features

  1. Special radiator grille

  2. Special front bumper
  3. Special rear bumper
  4. Exclusive wheel arch molding (Black)
  5. Rear Toyota emblem (Acrylic + Black)
  6. Special rear mudguards
  7. 18-inch aluminum wheels (Mud Grey color)
  8. Special emblem (front / side / rear)
  9. Special lower back door decals
  10. Special rocker moldings (Black)
  11. Special vehicle name emblem (Black color)
  12. Outdoor side door handles (Black)
  13. Door mirrors (Black) 

(3) Interior features